What It Takes To Organize An Interesting Social Policy Dissertation Outline

The role of a social policy dissertation is to investigate in a thorough way of analyzing a subject in a bid to reveal a fresh way of understanding the research problem and therefore contribute to a new kind of knowledge from what was discovered in the previous studies. Generally, the research study structure isn’t different from writing the standard research paper from college level but there are some clear differences that you need to know. Here are the key elements that you need to understand when organizing and even writing you public policy dissertation.

  • Introduction
  • The goal of the introduction is to serve as the roadmap for readers to ascertain the purpose and scope for the study. This should describe your research problem as well as its significance. On top of this, it should provide an explanation on why the case is being used and how it related in addressing the problem. It is important to link these two elements.

  • Literature review
  • A social science dissertation literature review is usually structured in the same way as that of a research paper for college level. However, the difference is that it focuses on providing background information as well as enabling the historical interpretation on the analysis subject in regard to the problem at the research aimed at tacking.

  • Method
  • This is the section where you will choose a particular analysis subject and a strategy for indentifying as well as determining that the case was right for addressing your research problem. How you describe your method of choice will vary depending on the analysis subject.

  • Discussion
  • The discussion section should be centered on interpreting as well as drawing conclusion about the case study’s finding. There may also be a separate section for reporting your findings. However, if the paper is designed around a case study, a good idea would be to combine the finding’s description with discussion on their impact. Here you should reiterate in a brief way the research problem that you are investigating before explaining the findings of the cases study with some direct, succinct and declarative proclamation. You should also explain the finding’s meaning and why they are important.

  • Conclusion
  • Like it is the case with other work, it is important to have a conclusion that is not only clear but uses a simple language. You should emphasize how the case study findings are different from or even support any prior research and the reason for this. Ensure that you provide a thesis of your key findings as presented in the paper to help show how these converge in addressing your research problem.