Constructing A Social Science Dissertation Body Paragraph

A social science thesis is by itself an argument. This doesn’t require you to be very controversial in order to be considered an argument. Any good argument should have a position and should support this position in a clear and logical way. Some of the key skills that students can learn in colleges include writing correctly, elegantly and effectively. With the paper assigned for this course, you will get an opportunity to develop your skills. Here are a few tips for writing your dissertation body text.

  • Paragraphs as the paper’s building blocks
  • When you do not have some paragraphs that are well-written and can flow in a very logical way from one idea to the other and are able to support the research problem in a meaningful way, it will not be possible to have a credible paper and there are high chances of getting a low grade. Here are a few tips for writing your dissertation main body.

  • General structure
  • In most cases, the paragraphs of a dissertation body text consist of three-parts. Each of the sections of the work has its own purpose with an introduction, a body consisting of analysis and facts and the conclusion.

  • Body
  • The dissertation main body comes immediately after the introduction. This part is used to discuss ideas with arguments, facts, examples, analysis as well as other information.

  • Developing and organizing the body
  • Before deciding on the paragraph’s composition, you will need to consider the key idea that you want to pass to the reader or what is termed as the thesis statement or the controlling idea. This is what you will use to compose the other part of your paragraphs. The goal is for the reader to understand that there is a relationship between the thesis statement and each of your paragraphs.

  • Brainstorm the information on the paragraphs
  • The decision on what you need to include in your paragraphs will depend on the way you would like to pursue your dissertation body text. You can brainstorm on different techniques. Whichever method you would like to choose, you cannot skip the page that you need for developing the paragraphs as this is what lays the foundation for developing the paragraphs.

    You can organize your paragraphs in different ways such as:

    • Narrative. This is usually in form of a story. It is important to do this in a chronological manner from the start to the end
    • Descriptive. This offers some specific details on what something feel or looks like. You can choose to organize it by topic or even the appearance order.
    • Process. This offers a step by step guidance on how something works.
    • Illustrative. Provides examples and explain how these works.
    • Classification. This will separate in different groups. This can offer explanation on different parts of a certain topic.

Ensure that you use proper grammar and spelling in your dissertation body. You can use autocorrect tools that are available in many word processing programs.