20 Offbeat Advertising Dissertation Topics To Consider

If you study to get a degree in marketing, for example, you may be asked to compose an advertising dissertation. One of the most important steps of this academic assignment is selecting an interesting topic that will be different from the study areas of other students. It might be difficult for you to come up with an original idea without any inspiration. To get it, you may examine a list of excellent sample topics.

A Collection of Intriguing Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. The influence of advertisements on children.
  2. Using the famous feminists to advertise cigarettes for women.
  3. Impulse purchases and advertising factors that influence on them.
  4. The importance of using beautiful people in the advertisements.
  5. The products that don’t require advertising and promotion.
  6. Using famous athletes in advertising food products.
  7. The appropriate ways to use sex themes in advertising.
  8. The evolution of advertising through the years.
  9. Considering the style of an advertisement based on the target audience.
  10. Exploiting the patriotic feelings of people in the advertisements.
  11. The types of advertising that should be banned.
  12. Using podcasts to spread the information about a product.
  13. Creating an excellent advertisement for a terrible product.
  14. Comparing the methods of advertising in different countries.
  15. The ways to manipulate a consumer into buying your product.
  16. Creating an effective political advertisement.
  17. The importance of outstanding package design in selling a product.
  18. The ways in which the Internet has influenced advertising.
  19. Using the NLP techniques in advertising.
  20. The effectiveness of short ads on the Internet.

This is only a small list of ideas. If you want to take a look at other thesis topics related to advertising, you may find help here.

Getting Assistance with Picking a Topic for Your Dissertation

If you have several good ideas for your academic project and you cannot select the one to focus on, you should go to your professor. Show them all your potential topics for examination. They’ll analyze your ideas and point out which topic should be more interesting for your committee. It’s recommended to listen to their advice.

As you can see, there are plenty of different topics related to advertising that you may write your dissertation about. The main thing is not to postpone the task of generating a great idea for your project. If you waste too much time, you might not manage to complete all the other steps of your work in a proper manner.