Essential Rules For Organizing A Dissertation Dedication Page

Writing a dissertation dedication page is a simple task. There are a few things to remember when creating this page. In many cases, there are no set rules for how to create this page since some projects don’t require it. Therefore, it helps to have a few tips to guide you through the process while understanding what details to include. Here are a few points to remember when creating content for your page.

  • Seek a Quality Example
  • There are dissertation dedication examples available online through college universities and professional writing services. An example gives clear insight on what to mention and how to present it on the page. The example should provide a general idea of what to produce and what details make up the dedication. Note this page follows the approval page of your project. If you are required to create this page, be sure to follow any guidelines presented to you by your instructor.

  • Know It Is Different from Acknowledgements
  • Another important aspect of writing this page to remember is the page is not the same as the acknowledgments. It is worth noting that students commonly get these pages mixed up or assume the dedication is another name for the acknowledgments. In this case, the dedication portion recognizes others who supported your studies as a graduate. The acknowledgments recognize others who assisted you during your research. Understanding the differences will make it easier to know which people to mention, how to address the dedication, and the overall reason and purpose.

  • Additional Points to Remember
  • After studying a dissertation dedication sample, you are ready to start brainstorming. Keep in mind this page doesn’t count toward content listed in your Table of Contents. You can choose the format and style that suits you for writing. Dedicate to someone you feel has helped you the most during your studies. How you address the dedication can be formal if you want (such as addressing the person by their title or full name). The reason for the dedication can be something that person did or how they made you feel that was positive and uplifting.