Writing A Quality Social Work Dissertation Literature Review

A literature review is a mandatory part of any dissertation, and it may be written with two intentions. The first one is instructional, for those who is less competent in social work topics. The second is demonstrative, for those who are more competent – you are showing that you know enough to research a topic. There are lots of social work dissertation ideas for books to review, as there are lots of competent works to base the paper on.

  • Things You Are Expected to Do in Your Social Work Dissertation Literature Review
    • Put your work into the overall context of the available literature.
    • Write about the relations of the works you are reviewing.
    • Highlight any gaps you may have found in the preceding research.
    • Point the main issues the topic of social work has to be researched.
    • Try to calm down the conflicts that you have seen in the preceding research.
    • Mention the works or books that are the most significant to the study of your topic.
    • Talk about the further research that can be done.
  • The Contents of Your Literature Review
    • As you do in your social work dissertation proposal, you have to give an overview of your topic and its issues.
    • Divide the works on “for” and “against” the theory or issue you are writing about.
    • Write the conclusions of the previously done works that contribute to the resolution of the issue you describe.
    • Connect the studies and books in one knowledge base that helps you with your topic.
  • Questions to Answer
    • What’s the authority of the person who has written a book or a research paper to make such conclusions?
    • Is the judgement of the author biased?
    • Why do you think the theses by the author are true?
    • Do the conclusions the authors led to have the value for your work?
  • Conclusion
  • A literature review for a thesis on social work is a complex part, as you need to include lots of things there. However, if you look the points above, it’s pretty organized and needs you to provide just enough information on the literature you use. Make sure you highlight all the points, and your review will be highly successful.

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