Picking Up Fresh Topics For A Social Networking Dissertation

Social media has become a key part of our lives. Today, you cannot imagine a day without having to visit your social media page either on Twitter or Facebook. This is the reasons why there are many students who would like to write a social media marketing dissertation. This enables them to investigate a new area that is also interesting.

It can be really frustrating trying to come up with an interesting topic on social media. This is particularly the case as you cannot afford to choose just any other topic. This is particularity the case as you will need to find something that is quite unique. Your goal should be to ensure that you add to the overall information on social media that is available. Since you will be spending a lot if time researching on the topic, you will also need to ensure that you choose something that is interesting.

If you are searching for a good topic for your social media marketing dissertation, here are a few options that are worth considering.

  1. Are selfies a sign on a hidden mental disorder?
  2. What is the effect of social media on individualization?
  3. How does a social media affect our relationships with our family and friends?
  4. What are the pros and cons of using social media to promote your business?
  5. What are the new social media sites and how do they compare with Facebook and Twitter
  6. What is the future of social media and how will it impact our communication methods?
  7. What is the impact of social media on the traditional media houses?
  8. The role of social media on political uprisings
  9. The impact of social media on children?
  10. How to acquire new customers and build trust through social media
  11. How safe is your personal information on social media?
  12. How to effectively use facebook to improve your business
  13. How to make your website or blog more successful
  14. The role of social media in job creation
  15. How social media has transformed lives since it advent

When thinking of a good topic for a social media dissertation, the most important thing would be to ensure that you choose a topic where you are able to initiate a compelling argument and draw the target readers. There are chances that there are many other students, past and present who have written a social media dissertation. However this should not deter you as it is always possible to give a remarkable and positive twist to a topic that already exist.

After choosing the topic, your next step will be to develop the proposal. It may be necessary to have the topic approved before you can begin writing. This will require you to prove that you will need to put information in your proposal listing the sources you will be using and why you believe that these are suitable.