Ten offbeat human rights dissertation topics

The subject of human rights has plenty of areas to explore for a writing topic. The key to finding the right topic for a human rights thesis is to consider personal interests. What issues related to the subject do you want to learn more about? What are ideas that will help you get your project done according to guidelines? To help you get on track with the best idea for your paper here, are some tips and writing prompts to get started.

Ten Writing Prompts for Topic Ideas

A human rights dissertation with the right topic will be easy to write. The right topic is key since its help maintains interest and you’re more likely to know the additional information to include with or without research. Brainstorming is a common action writers use to create original ideas. You can come up with ideas based on what you have learned so far. The following ten writing prompts give basic insight on what to write.

  1. Why every country should follow laws for human rights.
  2. Is it okay for human rights to be different or the same for all?
  3. Has equality gotten better for people?
  4. Problem areas of human rights that still need work.
  5. Why would inequality be acceptable?
  6. How do Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s accomplishments affect human rights today?
  7. How would the world benefit if human rights were respected everywhere?
  8. Stopping the ongoing abuse of slavery that occurs today.
  9. Nations with significant issues with human rights.
  10. What can average citizens do to get human rights respected?

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Choosing the best idea from a list of potential human rights dissertation topics is a good start. You have some ideas to brainstorm and other perspectives of the topic to look at. Read about issues related to human rights in your state or a country that is developing. What headlines are in the news currently related to the subject? Consider elements people may not associate with human right but have a unique connection as a possible topic idea.