General Rules On Writing A PhD Dissertation Fast

Are you wondering how to write a PhD dissertation in molecular biology? If your answer is yes, you do not have to mind as this article will provide you with the general guidelines.

  1. General structure
  2. Your phd thesis or dissertation should consist of several sections. These are:

  3. Front page
  4. This should contain the paper’s title, student’s name, and submission year, the department that they are affiliated to (University name and the department or center name). On top of this information, you can design the front page in a free manner with the centre or department logo and the relevant illustrations.

  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Use this section in your dissertation for phd to shows your appreciation of persons or organizations that provided funding for the paper or through any other kind of support. This assistance should be fully acknowledged.

  7. Table of contents
  8. Summary
  9. The goal of the summary is to offer a short outline of the results that you got during the PhD and how these are significant in context that is more general. Ensure that the summary doesn’t have too many details that are specific and are written in a simple language that anybody with a general academic training can understand.

  • List of symbols and abbreviation
  • It is important for any abbreviations to be fully defined at the first page where they appear or in a separate list .

  • General introduction
  • This should offer a description on the academic field’s current status during that PhD as a detailed overview of the current knowledge on the field and should end with the project’s aim. This should be very specific to enable the leader to assess and understand the results that you present in your other sections while at the same time providing a general overview to ensure that the results are put in a bigger context.

  • Aims
  • This should provide a clear and brief description of a biological question that is addressed in the project. This shouldn’t be over one page.

  • Results
  • This presents the results that you get.

  • Comprehensive description
  • The scientific results that you get are presented in form of a report.

  • Methods and materials
  • This is important where the methods and materials used are incomplete.

  • General discussion
  • Conclude the paper with a thorough discussion and summary of the result that you got.

  • References
  • The full reference should be made of the cited literature. For other ideas, use this service.