Organizing A Dissertation Title Page On Interpersonal Communications

Formatting the whole dissertation is highly important for its success, as aside from the contents and your skills, formatting is on the list of TOP things your professor will look at. All the format requirements have to be on a special sheet every university should provide their students with. If you don’t have one, you will need additional help that you can find online.

A dissertation title page must also be formatted properly, so it looks like a properly done academic work. It’s easier for your professor and teachers to find the necessary information on it if it’s formatted right.

A Sociology Dissertation Titles Page Writing Guide

  • Create an extra blank page with the same formatting settings you have in the whole document.
  • Place your interpersonal communications paper title 2’’ from the top of the page; write it in all capital letters.
  • 1’’ from the title, write your full name without titles; you don’t have to write your name the same way they have it in their records. But remember that after you submit the work and they send it to print, you will not be able to change the way you write your name.
  • Then write where you are addressing your paper, including the university you submit it to, the department name, whether you send it in full or partial form, and for what degree. (To find out how exactly the statement should look, search for dissertation title examples)
    • Put your university’s address below the previous statement.
    • When writing the degree, make sure there are no abbreviations like PhD.
    • You are free to specify the specialization in the brackets after the department name.
  • Include the year your university approves your paper; write it in one line right after the statement.
  • Then write “Approved by” approximately 1’’ after the previous line; write it on the right, with left alignment.
  • Include the names of all the people who approved your academic paper.
  • Remember that your title page shouldn’t be numbered in any way.

To Sum Up

The title page of your thesis is very important, as it contains lots of information that has to be easily accessed by the people who check your work. It’s important that it’s formatted right, as this will not only make it easier for the professors to understand who wrote the paper, what’s the topic, etc. It will also give you some extra points that can improve your grade. Make sure you write a proper title page for your paper on interpersonal communications.