Picking Up New Doctoral Dissertation Topics About Newspapers Nowadays

For a good thesis, you need lots of things: a powerful topic, a good doctoral thesis research proposal, enough material to base your dissertation on, etc. It’s important to understand that a doctoral thesis is different from the one you have written for your master’s degree. This one means you need to conduct your own research, a new one, proving a theory or disproving it. The first thing to do is to choose a good topic on the subject you have, like the condition of newspapers nowadays.

Doctoral Dissertation Topics Suggestion (Newspapers)

  1. The value of social media: are newspapers not relevant anymore?
  2. The power of mass media companies nowadays and how they use it.
  3. Does the government have the right to interfere with the press?
  4. Modern regulations followed by newspaper journalists.
  5. What do the modern newspapers do to make their journalists abide ethical rules?
  6. How did the technology influence the way people learn about new newspapers?
  7. Does the Internet become more important as an informational source?
  8. The danger of global misinformation: modern examples.
  9. What are the ways the governments use their newspapers to manipulate people?
  10. How to understand whether the newspaper is of a high-quality nowadays?

Choosing the Right Topic

When seeking topics for a doctoral thesis online, you need to guide yourself according to the following criteria:

  • Your personal interest in the topic that will make you more motivated to write the paper.
  • Its relevancy: whether the theme is connected to the modern condition of newspapers.
  • Its narrowness: newspapers in a particular country, a particular paper, etc.
  • Its strength: a powerful statement like “the newspapers as a dying species of mass media”.
  • Meeting the requirements of your university towards the topics for a thesis.


The doctoral dissertation is the most difficult academic paper that can be written by a student. You need to pay lots of attention to it, starting with the topic choice. The paper is huge, so you need something you will take time and space to study and discuss, yet something of your personal interest. If the topic is interesting for you, the work will go faster and the result will be better.